viernes, 13 de enero de 2017


My Dreams, My Goals, My Life !
This new year has started in an unexpected way for me, so much to think about my future and what I want to do..... I am really happy for an event which happened last year... I was able to get back J's affection for me... I guess London helped me so much... I guess I needed to fly away in order to be me again.
I found myself, with my feelings, my fears, my dreams.... and I have to admit I realize I need to be brave in order to pursue my dreams, which are only mine, because they are the dreams God has set on my mind in this life.  I really don't know how to reach them, I really don't see a way to do them.... but I know God will make a way even when I don't see any....
Today something strange happened my friend Dali told me that to take difficult decisions is quite hard but remember that God is always next to me, He's not moving anywhere.  And that God is in control of everything.  For me it was amazing to see that she did not know how I was feeling, I never told her, I think she's such a great person with a special gift.  Thank You Jesus for putting her next to me.
This year it is going to be a pilgrimage to holy land and Fatima with SL, oh my God, my dream for this year would be to go to this pilgrimage.  They are celebrating 100 years of the apparitions at this holy place.  I don't know if I'll be able to go but I am dreaming about it.

The best of luck to you all for this  new year !!!

jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Strange dreams at London Streets

Yesterday I had such a nice dream.  Lately I have been dreaming so much, and so nice dreams indeed, and the whole night I spend such a peace, that I guess this is not from this world.  It is like being hypnotized, I do not feel anything, it is like if somebody takes me into deep sleep, like going to heaven or to places I have never been, or I will be in the future.
Sometimes I feel like if I am kind of nuts, because of all those dreams.... what I do not like is that sometimes I see ugly people, people who want to hurt me.... and I am afraid really afraid of them, so what I do is to get away, to run away.
For instance, yesterday I remember a group of people, like a gang, was by my side.  They wanted to hurt me, that was their purpose.  I just walked by and ran away as fast as I could, so I could get to the subway station which was near but to reach my destination I had to pass through them.
Well, but the location of my dream was amazing, it was like London streets and buildings, the place where I am going to be in October, if God let me to have this great journey, which I cannot wait to be there.
And the day before I remember I dreamed with mommy's lirios, but in two different flowers.... a lot of them in orange, bright orange, very beautiful.
I am so happy and so excited with this great opportunity, for me it is my dream come true, please help me God to stay on the path of your will, not mine, your will is what I want to do.

martes, 23 de febrero de 2016


Those were the last words you said to me.  How could I ever forget them ?  They will remain in my heart forever and ever.  It’s been two years  since I had to say good bye.  The pain never goes away, I still sit and cry, so many ups and downs in my life I want to share, I wish you were here to hold me just one more time….  I can only hope you are proud of me, I want to make you smile daddy! Please continue watching over me and guide me the best you can !!!
Miss you daddy L  there is an emptiness in my heart since you left…. Only God’s love can fill ….

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

An angel in a van

An angel in a van

Several years ago, I remember I was in a hurry…. I was young and eager to enjoy life, but there was a little disadvantage:  I did not have a car, and I was going out from the movies late at night.   I decided I would take a chance to watch the movie “Don’t cry for me Argentina” and then go back home by bus.

When I got out from the movies, I had no problem with the first bus I took, I got off at 63 station, and I started praying that a 63 bus showed up.    Unluckily for me, there were no more buses at that time of the night, I stood up there all alone by myself, praying and praying.  Suddenly a woman comes to me and tells me that I am in danger because at night there are thieves who operate at that station.   She told me to go to the other street.  So I started walking down to San Juan Street, and suddenly when I was there, a white van stopped just in front of me, and a nice man told me to get into the van, because it was late and it was dangerous for a young girl to be there. 

I do not know why, but I did what he told me, and got into the van.  I went all the way back, and I was kind of nervous, and I prayed that he would take me close to my home.  He asked me where I lived, however, I did not tell him, I just told him to take me to Boulevard Liberacion and then I would walk home.    But he insisted on telling him where I lived, so I told him.  He was so nice that he left me on the rear of Lomas de Pamplona, and he advised me not to do this again, because there are bad people in the world and it is dangerous.

For years I have been thoughtless of this event in my life.  But since my parents death, I realize this was not just a nice man.    This was “an angel in a van”.   Thank you angel, whomever you are, I do not know your name, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of me at that time, when I was young, naughty and daring.

Love you angels of God !!!!

viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015

Así de ilógico, a veces hay que perder para ganar....

Así de ilógico, a veces hay que perder para ganar….
Hoy comprendo una gran lección que me ha enseñado la vida:  A veces hay que perder para ganar.  Y es mucho más duro, cuando lo que pierdes es lo más valioso y lindo que tienes en tu vida:  mis papás !!!  Para mí ellos eran todo mi mundo, todo en mi vida giraba alrededor de ellos, y de pronto la vida me muestra el momento más difícil de mi vida:  mi mamá parte al cielo un 5 de enero  y luego a los 45 días parte mi papá al cielo un 23 de febrero.
Creo que ni en sueños pensé que me tocaría enfrentar la muerte de mis papás y casi al mismo tiempo.  Yo no estaba preparada, pero puedo aducir que en ese mismo instante en que me sentí “Anita la huerfanita o más bien Julita la huerfanita”, sentí como poco a poco, y sin saberlo, mi madrecita linda del cielo, Mamá María me tomaba como su hija, y ahora ella entraría en mi alma, y nos conectaríamos tan y más fuerte que la conección que tuve con mi mamá.
Hoy año  y medio más tarde, puedo decir que así ha sido, en las duras pruebas que he enfrentado en este tiempo, he sentido su susurro, su calor, su amor incondicional, pues en los momentos más difíciles me muestra el camino a seguir, y sobre todo las oraciones que debo decir. 
Y por qué les hablo de “Perder para ganar” ?  Sencillamente porque lo que perdí fue lo más bello y lo más grande.  Pero también gané y gané mucho y lo más valioso:  el amor perdido.   Logré recuperar el cariño de mis hermanos por parte de papá, en especial el de mis dos hermanas.  Por muchos años hemos estado separadas, sin dirigirnos una sola palabra o un solo mensaje.  Parecía más bien que eran desconocidos para mí.  Pero al fallecer mi papá, algo pasa y ellos aparecen en mi vida y comienzan a mostrarme su cariño.  Por otro lado, también gané el amor de mi cuñada Rosario, quien se ha convertido para mí en otra hermana más.   Pensar que algún día la sentí alejada, pero hoy la siento muy, muy cerca de mí y le tengo un gran aprecio. Y también gané el cariño de la familia de mi papá.
Gané, y estoy segura seguiré ganando…. No es una ganancia monetaria, pero es la mejor ganancia de todas:  el amor y el cariño que no se compran con ningún dinero, así que se comprueba un famoso dicho:  el amor no muere, simplemente cambia de lugar.

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Dreams: San Antonio de Padua

Strange dreams.... again and again :)
Hello Jesus, certainly it's been a while since I haven't had this kind of dreams...
but today something strange happened, I woke up at 5 so I could go to the gym,
however when I went to the bathroom, I felt goose bumps and I was shivering,
so I said to myself, you better go back to sleep, otherwise you are going to get sick July.
So I went to bed, and I fell into a deep sleep, It was strange because by that time
I only had like an hour or less to sleep.   I remember everything was so real,
I was speaking with a child, he was like 4-5 years old, he was so sweet, he had pretty eyes,and his voice was really tender, we were talking and talking, and suddenly I realize his socks were broken, they had holes, and then the boy told me that Adan, a man who works here with me at Menarini's warehouse was the one who had picked him up, so he was living with him.   The next day the little boy visited me again,
but this time he brought a gift for me, at the beginning he did not tell me anything,
but later I saw my tv and in the front of it, there was an image, and it was the image of: San Antonio de Padua !!!
I asked the boy about it, and he told me that he had brought it for me.
Then I woke up..... remembering everything, all little details.

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

Amor del cielo !!! :)

Hoy te encontré SEÑOR !!! de la forma más bella de todas, en el amor, que sobrepasa lo humano, lo terrenal....
y es que hoy en el lugar menos pensado, fui testigo del amor incondicional e infinito de nuestro Padre Amado por todos nosotros.
Hoy fui a almorzar a Friday's (cosa inusual, pues no me alcanza mi periodo de almuerzo), pero hoy lo hice jejeje
y al principio no me percaté de quienes estaban ahí.... pero luego llamaron mi atención una familia de extranjeros, se notaba que no eran de aquí, rubios, ojos claros, altos, delgados:   la mamá, el papá, una nena como de 11-12 años, y un pequeñín muy lindo, morenito de pelo negro.  Era indudable que el niño era adoptado, habían venido a Guatemala con ese fin.... los papás solo hablaban inglés, y era la nena de 11 años quien le hablaba al pequeño en español, y luego traducía a inglés a los papás.   Me llamó la atención las miradas afectuosas, su forma de hablar al pequeñin, pues había tanto amor e ilusión en todos, jamás había visto tanta felicidad junta !!! se desbordaba.....
entonces me dije, definitivamente esto viene del Cielo, esto es obra de mi DIOS Maravilloso !!! Sólo él pudo sembrar esa chispa de amor en esa familia por ese pequeñín, a quien obviamente acaban de adoptar y conocer.....
y al final, antes de que se fueran pude presenciar, cuando la nena le decía al chiquito:  El es tu "Papi", El es tu "Papi", entiendes ?   a lo que el chiquito respondió entre balbuceos:   Pa...... Pá !!! y al Señor se le llenan los ojos de lágrimas, y con un español entrecortado le dice:  Eres un niño muy inteligente !!! y se van....
Pero a mí me dejaron con una gran ternura en  mi corazón !!!  hasta se me nublaron los ojos de lágrimas.....