viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

My first love ❤️! My Dad

My dad was such a special and wonderful man, he was the kind of person who appreciated and loved life.  He had quite a free spirit.   

I can still listen to his voice saying to me:  my little girl is just like me, she likes to travel and go to differente places.   And today I wonder, am I really like you?  I wish I was like you ðŸ˜ there is nothing I would like better than that.

Furthermore he believed his little daughter was smart and intelligent.   He was so proud of me.   On a day like today, February 23rd, he passed away, and since then I have missed him like crazy.

I miss his jokes, his advices, his mood, his love, in a word all about him.

Daddy I know I didn't tell you this when you were alive, but I want the whole world to know that you are my heroe, my angel, I am so proud of you, and if I was born again and I had to choose one father, I undoubtedly would choose you again.

Love you daddy !!!


miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

More dreams with mommy !

Recently my brother Mike dreamt with my mommy.  He told me she saw her looking good, and she was thinner. She was in her sixties.  

They were in the dining room at my house, they were chatting, suddenly she told him that she was feeling kind of bored or tired.

Then he got closer to him and hug him, and put her cheek so that he would kiss her, and of course he kissed her.

Strange dream, ha?  I guess my mom is telling us that she is with us, she hasn't gone, she continues at home sending us love from heaven.

Love you mommy and miss you so much ....

Your youngest child,

Julys !!!

jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017


Capturing the magic just takes to pay attention to the present moment and record it in your mind  so that it stays forever where it should be kept:  your heart !  Today I must recall those magical moments I lived with the two persons  I loved the most, of course they are:  my mother and my father.  Mommy and daddy wherever you are please be sure I miss you like crazy, there is no a single day which I don't think of you. 
Now I am sure fairy tales do come true and we had lived one full fairy tale together, and I guess our fairy tale will continue through time, because I can feel you inside my heart, something keeps telling me you two are here with me, perhaps I can 't see you, but there you are always present in my life. 
The magical moments we lived together brought me moments of Joy.  Here some of those magical moments:  dinners, walking around, shopping, swimming, birthdays, graduation, etc. 
I promise from now on I will save those magical moments in my "Magic Moments Box", I will create one just today, and with pictures or wordings I will write something to remind me what those special moments meant to me at that time.


JULYS Magic moments box.

miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017

Legal Translator in the making !!!

For some time, I’ve been thinking about becoming a legal translator, but somehow until now I’ve been struggling with time to enroll in a specialized school.  This year I took the first step, and I registered  to Loyola International School.  So far I’ve gotten the first semester, I got a 93 grade, I am so happy that one of my long time dreams is on its way ❤😊
Actually the feeling of pursuing my dreams, is great and amazing !  it’s like reaching out for the stars 💗.  My heart is filled with gratitude to God for this big opportunity, please my Lord let me continue studying and becoming one of the best legal translators in Guatemala and why not? in the world.
I’ve been out of classes for such a long time, that I’ve forgotten what it was to be in a class room paying attention to your teacher, being nervous and excited about the tests.  Definitely  I’m loving all these feelings. 

To God may be the glory forever !

viernes, 13 de enero de 2017


My Dreams, My Goals, My Life !
This new year has started in an unexpected way for me, so much to think about my future and what I want to do..... I am really happy for an event which happened last year... I was able to get back J's affection for me... I guess London helped me so much... I guess I needed to fly away in order to be me again.
I found myself, with my feelings, my fears, my dreams.... and I have to admit I realize I need to be brave in order to pursue my dreams, which are only mine, because they are the dreams God has set on my mind in this life.  I really don't know how to reach them, I really don't see a way to do them.... but I know God will make a way even when I don't see any....
Today something strange happened my friend Dali told me that to take difficult decisions is quite hard but remember that God is always next to me, He's not moving anywhere.  And that God is in control of everything.  For me it was amazing to see that she did not know how I was feeling, I never told her, I think she's such a great person with a special gift.  Thank You Jesus for putting her next to me.
This year it is going to be a pilgrimage to holy land and Fatima with SL, oh my God, my dream for this year would be to go to this pilgrimage.  They are celebrating 100 years of the apparitions at this holy place.  I don't know if I'll be able to go but I am dreaming about it.

The best of luck to you all for this  new year !!!

jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Strange dreams at London Streets

Yesterday I had such a nice dream.  Lately I have been dreaming so much, and so nice dreams indeed, and the whole night I spend such a peace, that I guess this is not from this world.  It is like being hypnotized, I do not feel anything, it is like if somebody takes me into deep sleep, like going to heaven or to places I have never been, or I will be in the future.
Sometimes I feel like if I am kind of nuts, because of all those dreams.... what I do not like is that sometimes I see ugly people, people who want to hurt me.... and I am afraid really afraid of them, so what I do is to get away, to run away.
For instance, yesterday I remember a group of people, like a gang, was by my side.  They wanted to hurt me, that was their purpose.  I just walked by and ran away as fast as I could, so I could get to the subway station which was near but to reach my destination I had to pass through them.
Well, but the location of my dream was amazing, it was like London streets and buildings, the place where I am going to be in October, if God let me to have this great journey, which I cannot wait to be there.
And the day before I remember I dreamed with mommy's lirios, but in two different flowers.... a lot of them in orange, bright orange, very beautiful.
I am so happy and so excited with this great opportunity, for me it is my dream come true, please help me God to stay on the path of your will, not mine, your will is what I want to do.

martes, 23 de febrero de 2016


Those were the last words you said to me.  How could I ever forget them ?  They will remain in my heart forever and ever.  It’s been two years  since I had to say good bye.  The pain never goes away, I still sit and cry, so many ups and downs in my life I want to share, I wish you were here to hold me just one more time….  I can only hope you are proud of me, I want to make you smile daddy! Please continue watching over me and guide me the best you can !!!
Miss you daddy L  there is an emptiness in my heart since you left…. Only God’s love can fill ….